Urgent Action Fund For Women's Human Rights

Urgent Action Fund’s Rapid Response Grants support the resilience of women’s and trans* movements by providing flexible and responsive support to women’s and trans* human rights defenders who face immediate threats and by supporting advocacy when unanticipated opportunities emerge to set new legal or policy precedents.

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UAF was established to provide support to women and trans* human rights defenders/activists or organizations led by women or trans* activists when an unexpected situation arises that requires an immediate and time-urgent response to uphold human rights. We provide Rapid Response Grants in two situations:

  1. Security Grants - The safety and security of women or trans* human rights defenders/activists/organizations is threatened due to their human rights work.
  2. Opportunity Grants - An unexpected moment or opportunity for advocacy or mobilization that may result in advancements for women’s and LBTQI’s rights, such as changes in legal decisions, policy and laws, or a shift in public attitudes and practices in their local context

UAF’s grants do not exceed $5,000 USD, and grants are generally for up to 3 months.
UAF’s grantmaking can complement traditional donor funding in cases of crises, emergencies, or opportunities that are not expected or predictable, and when funding is needed immediately to address the current situation.

Application Guidance

Urgent Action Fund accepts applications in any language using online, text and mobile funding applications 365 days of the year. We acknowledge receipt of applications within 24 hours of submission. Decisions are usually made within 1-10 business days.* Once a grant is approved, funds can be wired within 24 hours to 10 business days, depending on need.

Urgent Action Fund does NOT accept applications for support in Africa or Latin America & the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. To apply for support in Africa, please send all inquiries directly to: proposals@urgentactionfund-africa.or.ke. To apply for support in Latin America & the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, please send all inquiries directly to: apoyos@fondoaccionurgente.org.co.