BVKit is a smart-phone based self test solution made of a hardware and software component that enables women to check for presence of bacterial vaginosis. It further recommends the women to see a gynecologist when their vaginal health isn’t okay. 
Bacterial Vaginosis if not treated makes its patients suspetible to the human papilomavirus that causes cervical cancer, makes its patients susptible to HIV, cause miscarriages during pregnacy and the pelvic inflammtaory disease.

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Initial prototyopye  was giving a 50% accuracy with the readings but the medical advidsors we were working with advised us that its not safe to roll out with that. 
We then started work on our second prototype which was giving a 70 % accuracy so we incorporated possible and symptoms and are currently on a third protoype targeted towards atleast a 90% accuracy to be able to start producing for end users.

How does your innovation work?

NOTE:  Phone should have internet connection.
Collect urine in a clean a dry and clean urine collection cup.
Place hardware in the pee cup containing the urine sample.
Hardware detects the urine sample values and sends them to cloud which computes them and send them back to the BVKit app as a diagnosis enabling one to know their Bacterial Vaginosis status.
If one is healthy the application shows home remedies on how to stay healthy.
If one is unhealthy the application advises them to see a doctor and further directs them where to find the doctor.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

There is evidence the BVKit works as shown in our pitch video

No desired impact so far, as we are still in the  research and prototype development phase.

Additional Evidence Documentation

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

We plan to increase sales through partnering with the Ministry of health. 
For the women in the rural areas, when we get funds, we will set up kiosks and provide free awareness and testing services. 
Partnering with Non government organizations to help us reach all women around the world. 
For individual users we will make the software free for download and the hardware for purchase.
Direct sales to health centers and pharmicies. 

Next Steps

We are currently in the development phase of our prototype that's targeted towards a 90% accuracy along with possible signs and symptoms.
There after we plan to revise the hardware and software schematics to ensure a solidly built product with no issues, continue a User Experience study with the aim of creating a user friendly prototype.
We will then work on making sure the mobile application synchronizes data with online web portal with user account, so that regular users can have a copy of their test results.
If we get more funds we will continue  with collection of information related to medical health centers that offer reproductive health assistance. 
Then proceed Proof of  concept with the new hardware/prototype.

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