Empowerment Through Collaboration - A Webinar Experience

My Innovation began with my role as a UN Women Empower Women Global Chapion and is based around the creation of an entrepreneurship slanted global community with a strong focus on connecting young entrepreneurs (especially women from the developing world) to successful Entrepreneurs, Mentors and Investors from the Western World, providing them with the knowledge and exposure needed to expand their thinking and inspire them toward achieving great things.

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The StepUpTakeFlight Fireside chat and Webinar series concentrates on providing young female entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs from the developing world with access to some of the sharpest entrepreneurial minds from accross the globe. By providing access to such key talent on an ongoing bases, the programme is able to strech the horizons and reframe the attitudes and perspectives of young females, creating an aspirational framwork from which to build entrepreneurship. 

We have had 4 fireside chats to date, with more than 400 participants taking part from more than 38 countries, presented by panelists from more than 12 countries and across 18 time zones. 

How does your innovation work?

The innovation is relatively simple in that it brings together panelists from a multitude of different countries for each session, covering a variety of different topics relating to Economic Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Gender Equity. Every two weeks another session is held on a topic related to one of these three STG goals with successful and aspirational panelists discussing topics related to their difficulties and successes in an informal "fireside chat" style virtual environement. Audience members have the ability to ask questions and engage with the usually unreachable panelists via the platform and social media. 

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

Evidence of its success is in the form of references and letters of thanks received from members of the audience following each session. This has been exceptional and incredibly motivating to me. 

Do you have current users or testers?

Current Panelists to date have participated from more than 13 countries with participants (audience memebers) signing in from more than 36 different countries across the entire globe.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

As exposure to the innovation grows the higher the caliber of panelists that volunteer to be a part of the FireSideChat series facilitating rapid growth and adoption of this project.

Next Steps

The next steps are the creation of a venture fund focussed on female entrepreneurs, providing them with an environment, ecosystem and guidence to give them the confidence to take their entrepreneurial ventures to the next level wilst helping to counter the lack of funding available to female entrepreneurs. 


Question for the innovator

hi, would you be interested to outreach to Eastern Europe sharing your experiences in the women led development cooperation context?

Update or response from the innovator

Hi Stan,

Thank-you for your message. Yes, I'd most definitely be interested ( especially since my family was originally from Eastern Europe) I'd love to engage more. I just sent you a Linkedin request, let's set up a Skype call to chat further.