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The regional journal, is a peer reviewed journal article protraying studies done in various African communities. Most policies and programmes in Africa are not research based. Our role is to use this magazine to fine tune public view in collerating research and policy. Even though internet usage is spreading the cost of internet is still high. In East Africa combined there are about 30 daily newspapers. Majority owned by the same companies across the region .

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About This Innovation

Provide a status update for your Innovation.

This idea is still a concept. We are looking for seed financing to test our proto type across the region. This estimated timescale for testing the prototype is over three months at which point we anticipate to release the final model out to the market.

How does your innovation work?

Most studies on research in various sectors is realised online on platforms like ejournals. The cost of accessing internet is still rather high in Africa. We are introducing this platform as away for African people to fully access information on studies done on various policies. And whether these policies and programmes are effective in solving problems faced by the community i.e. poverty, hunger, gender equality, etc.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

My innovation is at the concept stage so no evidence currently exists of whether it will work on not. Thats why we are looking for funding.

Do you have current users or testers?

None at the moment.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

The journal is initially going to distributed across Kenya and Uganda. Through a well researched on distribution network. Coverage will increase based on popularity and capacity both financial and technical. We aim to increase our distribution to the entire Great Lakes Region. Our short term goal is to distribute 2000 -10,000 copies weekly to test demand and readership interests. In the longterm we will aim on growing capacity to over 100, 000 copies per week.

Next Steps

This innovation will also create a platform allowing various organisations and individuals to grow there research skills and also design researchable concepts.