Danida is the term used for Denmark’s development cooperation, which is an area of activity under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Poverty must be fought with human rights and economic growth. This is the strong message in the strategy for Denmark’s development cooperation, “The Right to a Better Life”.

Poverty has many faces. Hunger and high child mortality are among the harshest expressions of poverty. Others are conflicts, insecurity, oppression and vulnerability to disasters. But poverty is also about women, men, boys and girls who are unable to claim their rights and incapable of influencing their own life.

Denmark’s development cooperation must fight poverty and bring coherence to our policies. In order to do this efficiently we cannot just focus on the most obvious symptoms. We also have to confront the structures which maintain people in poverty and societies in inequality. Here human rights are central. If we help poor people fight for their rights we also fight the main causes to poverty. Therefore the objective of Denmark’s development policy is to fight poverty and promote human rights. They are closely interlinked.

However, we cannot fight poverty and realise fundamental human rights in societies without a solid economic foundation. Therefore lasting economic growth is key to lasting poverty reduction, but not in itself sufficient. Denmark will promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth and increased employment, which will remain a fundamental element in Denmark’s development cooperation. Through efforts to combat poverty and promote human rights and growth Denmark’s development cooperation will work to support the creation of societies that ensure people’s rights and promote equality, including access to decent employment, education, health and to social protection. With emphasis on the EU, Denmark will work to create better coherence between policies that impact developing countries.  

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
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Denmark’s development policy aims to combat fighting poverty through promotion of human rights and economic growth.

Danida has responsibility for the planning, implementation and quality assurance of Denmark’s development cooperation. There are local and posted staff at Danish embassies and missions abroad who are responsible for the administration and management of Denmark’s development cooperation with the individual country.