Fund for Gender Equality

Fund for Gender Equality

The Fund for Gender Equality is UN Women’s global grant­making mechanism dedicated to the economic and political empowerment of women worldwide. It provides technical and financial support to innovative initiatives from women-led civil society organizations that demonstrate concrete results on the ground, especially for women in situations of marginalization. Since its launch in 2009, the Fund has delivered 120 grants in 80 countries, touching the lives of more than 10 million beneficiaries.

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Despite international gender equality commitments among governments and development community, changes have not trickled down to women’s and girls’ lives with the hoped-for speed and effectiveness. As UN Women’s ‘Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016’ report demonstrates, formal equality has not translated into substantial equality for women in the most marginalized groups. Alongside its extensive collaboration with governments, UN Women acknowledges the critical role of civil society organizations in bridging such gender gaps.


The Fund for Gender Equality is the largest global financial instrument dedicated exclusively to empowering women politically and economically through support for civil society-led programmes. It aims to deliver tangible, high-impact results for women and girls around the world, particularly those from traditionally disadvantaged and excluded communities such as rural women, refugee and internally displaced women, migrant and domestic workers and women living with HIV. In order to achieve that, the Fund supports civil society programming by:

- Sustaining civil society organizations financially by awarding substantive grants for the implementation of dynamic and impactful programmes, following a rigorous and competitive global selection process
- Supporting them with a package of technical services, strategic guidance and programme monitoring to enhance their expertise and organization capacities to implement strategic and innovative interventions and amplify their visibility
- Strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations to plan, implement, report on and evaluate high-impact programmes founded on results-based management principles, to enable them to capture and disseminate the knowledge and results generated.